These particular stainless steels are produced in a wide range of patterns and they are used in many different sectors, from construction to architecture and design, lift and furniture.
Their properties of resistance, antivandalism, weight contrai and innovative appearance make them very suitable far different applications: they are produced with a special cold rolling process that creates three-dimensional drawings on any metal.
We can reclassify the embossed & decor stainless steel in two main macro categories: those with the design on one side and the second side smooth, (classified as 2M) and those with both sides embossed (classified as 2W).
In the big areas, such as generai entrances, lift cabins, doors and decking floors it's easier to damage the surfaces: our embossed & decor stainless steel have a longer life and resistance than other materials, as well as great aesthetic appreciation.
The imagination of the architects and designers who carne to know about our products has allowed the construction of futuristic buildings, the elaboration of prestigious furnishings far the shops of the most famous designers, and ultimately the creation of products that occupy a position at the top international industry.