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The history of MTS-METALSPECIALI S.R.L., originally METALCOM S.P.A., began in 1941 as a family-run business trading and small stainless steel processing for the domestic market. The company developed very rapidly, becoming in just a few years a true Service Centre for flat, long and strip stainless steels, as well as the first Italian agent for one of the world's most important steel mills..

Once the business on the Italian market had been consolidated and the export business expanded, thanks to the great intuition of the visionary patron, it was decided to create a business unit specifically dedicated to the production and sale of special finishes and patterns on stainless steel, so as to be able to expand the product range and not only "commodities" material.

In 1972, in order to develop the business across the board, the holding company became the exclusive agent for Italy for one of the world's most important producers of patterns and finishes on stainless steel, an unbreakable partnership that will be in force for more than 40 years and that will prove to be a winning strategy, taking the company to the top of futuristic projects, confirming it as the first company to propose innovative patterns and finishes on stainless steel on the Italian market.


In 2012, after a succession of various fluctuating economic-financial scenarios, the company board decided to focus and invest exclusively on the MTS-METALSPECIALI S.R.L. business unit, thus creating a completely autonomous and independent company, putting an end to any constraints in force in the past, from which it all began!

Today, more than 75 years after the founding of the group leader, with the third family generation at the helm, MTS-METALSPECIALI is a world leader in the supply of patterns and finishes on stainless steel sheets and coils for all types of use: architecture and design, construction, general cladding, medical, furniture, engineering, lift, thermo-furnishing, aesthetic details, the food industry, trade fairs and exhibitions, and the nautical and automotive sectors.

MTS has maintained the mentality of a stainless steel service centre, giving priority to the added value of individual processing over volume, offering materials with unique mechanical properties and technical specifications, for exclusive quality standards, to support the most demanding customers.

MTS materials stimulate creativity and provide real solutions to the most complex design challenges: aesthetic appreciation, greater longevity over time, cost-effectiveness, functionality and resistance to atmospheric events, supporting unique high-end projects, for every type of use!

The range of patterns, surfaces and finishes on stainless steel that MTS can provide includes:

  • Embossed & patterned stainless steel
  • Decorative & textured stainless steel
  • Supermirror stainless steel
  • Brushed colored stainless steel
  • Bead blasted colored stainless steel
  • Certified anti-slip stianless steel
  • Colored patterned & rigidized stainless steel
  • Etched stainless steel
  • Colored decorative stainless steel

MTS-METALSPECIAL stainless steels

can be produced in the various alloys and finishes, with dimensions according to specific needs and thicknesses starting from 0.6mm, plus the latest generation PVC LASER FIBER protection, always applied on the guaranteed side, in order to further protect its integrity or subsequent processing.

Material data sheets and certificates, as well as those specific to individual products or finishes (anti-slip-antifinger-MOCA-PVD etc.), are always included in the material supply.

The company facilities

together with the large size of the warehouse, allow MTS to have a wide range of patterns, surfaces and finishes always ready in stock, to meet all customers needs with fast deliveries, even for small-medium quantities.

All stainless steels are carefully packaged on specific pallets and covered with special shockproof and weatherproof materials to reduce risks during logistics and handling operations.

The capillarity and reliability of the partner carriers allow for punctual and "just in time" deliveries, monitoring the logistical and freight phases "day by day", a guarantee of quality.

The know-how and expertise acquired over the years in the specific industry by all staff members make MTS-METALSPECIALI an efficient, competitive and dynamic company, making the company truly unique in the small and large-scale distribution of stainless steel patterns, surfaces and finishes.

Because for over 70 years, our story in the steel industry is the best guarantee for your satisfaction!